The firm was founded in Boston in 1921 by H. vann. Schenck of Boston, and Joseph W. Knapp of Newburyport. The firm operated for the next several years as insurance advisors to the Great Northern Paper Company.

After graduating in 1958 from The University of Virginia Law School, Garret Schenck entered the firm. During that period, the firm sold off its consulting interest in the Great Northern Paper Company to Obrion, Russell and Co. and ,subsequently, Edward H. Mank joined the firm as a partner.

In 1972, Knapp, Schenck moved its offices from Boston’s Financial District to historic Lewis Wharf on Boston’s North End waterfront.  After 40 years we have just recently moved back closer to the Financial District, located at One India Street.

In 1979, the owners of Knapp Schenck & Company purchased the South Shore Insurance Agency in Weymouth, Mass. In 2004, South Shore became a 100% owned subsidiary of Knapp, Schenck & Company.

In 2008, full ownership of Knapp, Schenck & Company was conveyed to David E. Winship and Christopher F. Schenck. David and Christopher have been with the firm since 1980 and 1986 respectively.

In 2011, Knapp, Schenck & Company purchased Suburban Insurance Agency located in Holbrook MA.  In 2012 we moved our south shore branch office to 100 Grossman Drive in Braintree MA.

In November 2015, Knapp, Schenck & Company announced its affiliation with Cross Insurance. Headquartered in Bangor, Maine, Cross Insurance is the largest independent agency in New England.